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You’ll Work Smarter with Products & Services from Your Local Fleet

What are local businesses, field service technicians, and fleet executives managing vehicles and unpowered assets looking for in an asset management tool? We hit the streets to find out. Their feedback inspired us to develop Your Local Fleet.

Your Local Fleet gives you flexible hardware and software solutions that help you optimize fleet performance. And it’s right-fit based on your budget. Our solutions include:





Gain instant visibility and take control of your vehicles, assets and mobile workforce with Your Local Fleet. This smart management app is packed with features, enabling you to improve performance, reduce costs, enhance customer service and gain a competitive edge.

Powerful Features Help You Take Control

Route Optimiztion

Gain visibility into school zones, road construction and traffic delays along planned routes then make the needed adjustments for faster navigation and reduced travel times.

Vehicle Diagnostics

For longer-lasting vehicles, Your Local Fleet instantly sends alerts for engine problems and other diagnostic issues, so you can inform routing centers that a vehicle is out of service.

Driver Behavior & Scorecard

Increase safety, reduce citations and extend vehicle longevity with intelligent driver scorecards that encourage your drivers to operate company vehicles responsibly.

Excessive Idling

Reduce operating costs by monitoring and educating you drivers on the effects of excessive idling. You'll reduce fuel costs, even unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles.

Real-Time Location

Locate vehicles and drivers in real-time. Using Google maps, you'll have direct control of vehicles while en route, be able to make key decisions and improve customer service.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Protect vehicles 24/7. Our nationwide team of registered security professionals will work directly with local law enforcement to track, locate and recover your vehicles.

Data Protection

There’s no question that connected technology has the potential to revolutionize the way you leverage your data. But with increased data connections comes higher risks. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ask your fleet technology provider the right questions – especially when it comes to security and privacy. Here at Your Local Fleet, we use the toughest security protocols to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customers’ information.