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Your Fleet Complete - Your Local Fleet


This complete package allows you to manage and communicate with your mobile workforce. It monitors vehicle performance and health then notifies fleet managers in real-time of any issues. The system provides for dispatching and routing to improve both fleet and driver efficiency while helping to improve driver behavior. Plus, all information is available at a glance using our intuitive, dashboards.

Your Fleet Complete also monitors vehicles for upcoming maintenance and uses the vehicle’s OBD II systems to detect and report any specific issues. The system can even schedule maintenance or repairs at a local certified repair center. In addition, the system serves as a Stolen Vehicle Recovery system connected to our team of 24/7/365 vehicle recovery specialists.

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Powerful Features Help You Take Control

Real-Time Location

Locate your mobile workers in real-time. Using Google maps, you have direct control of your entire mobile workforce while they’re en-route or on assignment.

Easy-To-Use Dashboard

With the intuitive dashboard, you can monitor mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours, average and maximum speed, stays, visited geofences, time in trips and idling.



Identify when someone arrives at a site and leaves. Geofences ensures driver accountability and provides an easy way to make sure your mobile workers are on-schedule.


Eco Driving

Assess driving behavior. The analysis of your driving quality data may help you prolong vehicle life, reduce fuel costs, and ensure both cargo and driver safety.


Vehicle Health

Extend the life of your vehicles by monitoring the health of your vehicles from fault codes and computer engine diagnostics to regular maintenance.


Dispatch Operations

Due to accurate speed detection and detailed movement history of a unit, Your Local Fleet is designed to optimize and control field operations and mobile staff performance.