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Your Dispatch Manager - Your Local Fleet

Logistics Tools for Dispatching

Dispatch managers can track and monitor their mobile employee movements, chat with them, as well as set up geofencing and safety alerts. It also allows managers to send routing information to improve efficiency. It even includes an electronic signature capability for delivery confirmation.

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Powerful Features Help You Take Control


Route Optimization

Gain visibility into school zones, road construction and traffic delays along planned routes then adjust on the fly for faster navigation and reduced travel time.


Rapid Response

Instantly and manually reroute vehicles and mobile workers when road, traffic or weather conditions change or to relieve excessive workload from your drivers.



Identify when someone arrives at a site and leaves. Geofences ensure driver accountability and provide an easy way to make sure your mobile workers are on-schedule.


Automate Back Office Procedures

Streamline and automate important operating procedures including orders placement, planning and allocation, delivery process monitoring and coordination.


2-Way Chat

Improve customer satisfaction with on-time service calls. Chat allows you to communicate with your mobile workers and provide customers with status updates.


Route Performance Metrics

Our online monitoring and reporting suite provides the valuable analytics you need to reduce your costs and improve driver accountability.